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Dhroni Vestures, is conceived exclusively for manufacturing of quality & affordable medical disposables.

Concept of healthcare and surgery changed drastically from "Susrutha" to this decade. Widespread chronic diseases, rise in surgical procedures and increasing prevalence of incontinence problems is fueling the growth of global disposable medical supplies market. Emerging economies, focus on infection control through single use garments.




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We well know that a white coat represents purity and cleanliness essential qualities in the medical profession. Second, the white coat helps create a sense of authority. So, wearing our Doctor’s coat makes them appear more approachable and friendly to patients.

We create world-class uniforms for every modern healthcare professional with carefully designed fits and styles that evoke pride and purpose. They are made from the highest quality of fabrics with an accurate blend of colours - to provide your hospital with its distinct identity. With our range of styles and colours, you can outfit your entire healthcare facility with a unique and colour-coordinated theme that matches your brand

Dhroni’s extensive line of customizable name-brand medical uniforms and scrubs are smart and stylish, with numerous specialty wrinkle-free and stain-resistant options. Our nurse’s scrubs are expertly selected and cut for a perfect fit to keep your staff looking smart. Our emblem and embroidery services give your team a professional look and help them work and feel like the team they are. From hospitals to labs, we’ve got you covered.

Our wide range of hospital bedsheets and pillow covers are of Surgical Sheets to help reduce the risk of surgical site infection. It came from many fabrics such as cotton, sateen, and polyester

Our product includes flat sheets, fitted sheets, Color draw sheets for transferring patients, and pillowcases for hospital beds. Give your ultimate patient care by selecting soft and comfortable sheets for a hospital bed. We are the suppliers with the lowest prices to give the facilities across the world. Using the Fitted Sheets creates a layer between the patient and Mattress. Flat sheets protect dirt and bacteria from the patient's body, regulate body temperature, and provide a warmer feeling during the summer. Check out our collection of healthcare bed linens and hospital sheets for nursing homes, hospitals, institutions, healthcare clinics, etc.

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