Mopping Pads or Abdominal Sponge or Lap Sponge are broadly used in Hospitals, Clinics, Medical and other Health Care Centers during surgical procedures. Offering the lowest prices and high quality we are known as one of the Best Mopping Pad suppliers in the case of exports and in domestic. Mopping Pad is also known as Abdominal Sponge, Abdominal Pad, Lap Sponge, and Absorbent Gauze Sponge & we have different
sizes and types of mopping pads.

Mainly for operating theaters to control bleeding. Our mopping pads are  X-Ray Detectable with a hand holder ideal for general cleaning, dressing, and packing wounds and are economical, multi-purpose, and ideal for use in surgical procedures.

 Highly absorbent & Hygienic.
 Made up of 100% cotton bleached to good white. 
 Sturdy cotton loop on one corner for easy location and retrieval during         surgery. 
 Sewn / Interlocked edges to avoid open/loose threads.
 With Purity & Smooth texture and is Safe for use.
 With Longer Shelf Life.
 With X-ray Detectable Thread.
 Available as Sterile and Non-sterile.

SIZE ( cm ) :

20 x 20 30 x 30 40 x 40
  8 or  12 PLY   8  or 12 PLY 8  or 12 PLY